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Haraprasad Tripathy from New Delhi

It was in summer of 2017, I flew to New Deli, India exploring a lively art scene there. And I met Harapraprasad Tripathy at Latit kala akademi, a cultural facility. Tripathy was holding an exhibition at there. His art works, bizarre motifs with peculiar compositions, were sending out extraordinary beams of presence all over there.

Unique compositions of repeated Yogis and musicians, so many pretty and tiny buildings… Each motif was colorfully influenced by Surrealism, Pop art, and Japanese art. Besides, they are intermixed in one piece. This full of curiosity artist must have experienced variety of cultures, especially Japanese art has inspired him, he has found much of interest in its composition, firm outline, perspective of nature, and rich details.

According to Tripathy, each motif has different inspiration from various sources, they are treated linguistically in a painting. These create a deep layer of meanings as a whole rather than narrative. He shows you images of people living their life in a rapid change of vibrant Indian city scape and psychological landscape floating in their heart by observing them from very personal perspective.

Please take a look at gentle and charming Tripathy’s world here, have some fun with it.

Harapraprasad  TripathyTripathy was born in 1982. An artist in New Deli, India. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Tagore international school, MVA Painting in Maharaja Sayajirao University.  His unique style of painting was inspired by modern Japanese art and ancient art technique when he was in Tagore international school that uses Tenshin Okakura’s method of art. Tripathy has been participating many of exsivisions at museums and galleries such as Nature Morte in New Deli. He is now the focus of public attention as an artist who has a “super personal” eye for lively India. 

>> Look  Haraprasad Tripathy at MILA Gallery

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Text : Akiko Honoki

PR support : Ayako Tomokawa

Translation : Shoki Tapioca